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He knows there won't be a forge, not the way he knows a forge to be but there must be something. This is one of the few moments he has free in the midst of all the classes and sport and having to prince but not that goes on at Somersby. If he can just find one place where maybe he can work on some of what he learned at home, it won't be so bad.

Somewhere he knows, Ellie is sighing at him for being an idiot that the idea is to learn and not do what he would at home. He still would be happier if he could just find an anvil somewhere and not get a demerit for being rumpled. As he peers into odd buildings, he fiddles with his tie, debating taking it off completely or just loosening it.
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The wind was blowing from the South and Sameth wished he could change it, but the Charter wasn't even there.

Today in class, Cochrane had been lecturing them on the merits of democracy and kept giving him pointed looks so that he had to try and speak up for monarchy.

It was horrible and he didn't do a good job of explaining things since so much of it depended on the Charter and explaining his family's hard history.

In the end, he didn't feel like much of a prince and going outside didn't help since nothing felt quite real enough.

So he ended up in his room staring down at a piece of paper and wishing for ideas, but all the things that he wanted to do needed the Charter.
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Somersby doesn't have that many good places to hide and most of the boys know them all by their last year.

After a few bribes and Nick using his charm, they convinced the groundskeeper to let them use a shed as long as nothing broke.

Over the few years that Nick and Sam have had access to it, its become a fairly serious workshop which at the moment is full of the sounds of metal as Sam waves something that was once a clock at Nick,

"It won't work if you do it like that."


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