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He's never sure what it is that makes some nights easier than others, but somewhere in his dreams, he falls into the river again.

The world is cold and yet full of fire as he struggles up trying to find air again.

With a strangled scream he finally wakes up and feels too cold, he's not even aware of how he's trembling, he needs to get to the fire.

He somehow finds his feet as he falls out bed and curls up in front of where the fire would be in his room just hoping that he can get warm again.
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After Winters helped him get to his room, Sameth didn't sleep. It all still felt too close and he knew that if he closed his eyes, he'd feel the cold water and the flare of the burn again.

So he curled up on the bed and just focused on keeping a small globe of Charter Light going in front of him.

When the sun finally came up, it hurt to move, but he still didn't feel ready to face the world so he let the light fade and moved to the sitting chair in the room.


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