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Nothing had changed. Sam knew things wouldn’t have, but it was still strange to come back to his workroom with everything the same. Nick’s letter was sitting on his desk where he’d pieced it together and he could feel where The Book of the Dead was hidden in the cabinet.

He had to find a way to get to Nick, he pulled down the almanac to calculate where Nick might be now, biting his lip in concentration. It looked like he was near the Wall and possibly Edge, which was close to Red Lake where all the trouble was happening. Since Nick was clear with all his visas, there wasn't a good way to stop him from going farther into trouble.
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It had been almost a month since he'd left the Bar. A week after he came home, there was a letter from Nick saying that he was going to come to visit, but that was about the only bright thing. He didn't need to ignore doors since they just didn't show up and every day in his workshop, he'd wind the beetle from Kait and try to think about doing his duty.

Some days were harder than others especially when Petty Court seemed to drag on horribly today and as the man went on and on about his beautiful daughter and her dowry, all Sam could think of was Kait talking about being decorative.

He wasn't even aware of what Ellimere said as he tried to imagine what Kait would think of this and him in his royal surcoat. Finally the session was over and he could leave after Ellimere but still he could leave.


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