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From here.

After leaving Ava, Sam's days were busy, because while he wasn't at Belisaere, he was still close to it. He had been planning on traveling farther south to connect with Nick and check on a few Charter Stones, talking to Ava simply sped everything up.

Getting a Paperwing took a little longer than he expected and he remembered how much he didn't like them. He preferred to get from one place to another closer to the ground, he felt more secure. Up in the air, the Charter felt farther away even though the Paperwing was swift and imbued with the Charter.

After dodging one rising storm, he landed not far from the North Road and the Wall and sent the Paperwing back to Belisaere with a whistled spell, it wouldn't do for traveling now. He adjusted his belt to get his sword hanging properly and started towards the Charter Stone that he called out to him, there was a structure near it that had a door.


Feb. 27th, 2012 09:59 pm
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The days after the fight at the Lightning Farm and Milliways pass by quickly as there's much to do. Sameth must be a prince to get the promised land to the refugee Southerlings, he must be Wallmaker in terms of helping to rebuild all that's been broken and he has to figure out how to be Wallmaker.

His first major project is Lirael's hand, which takes a couple of months and lots of adjusting to get right. In between working on the hand, he reads all that he can about Wallmakers and talks with his father about the Great Charter Stones so he can take over mending them.

He knows that he needs to travel the Old Kingdom to see the damage to Charter Stones and go over every part of the Wall to understand what he needs to do. Milliways is always at the back of his thoughts as he wonders if Kait was there for the final battle, if she's well, but there's so much to do that he doesn't have time to look for a door.

One night after working far too late, which seems to be what he does of late, he ends up asleep in a comfortable chair in the family study.
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Sam knew he should be happier, this was what he’d been hoping for longer than he’d known, someone else would be Abhorsen-in-Waiting. Yet it didn’t feel like a relief, he could see how Lirael knew it was the right thing for her to take up the bells. Looking back in the mirror explained how and apparently she was his aunt but she’d read the Book of the Dead on her own and had pipes that worked like bells that she knew how to use. While he was a Wallmaker and it must be more right than being Abhorsen-in-Waiting but he doesn’t know what being a Wallmaker even means. In the old rhyme they became stone and mortar, which while it would help to rebuild the Old Kingdom would hurt.

He’s been at points where he almost welcomed Death but he doesn’t want that, he wants to hold Kait and tell her that he hasn’t forgotten his duty. If he could find the words, he’d also like to tell her that he can’t imagine a life without her but this isn’t the time for that. For now he’d just be happy if she wasn’t disappointed in him or for anyone to think he can’t do what he needs to. There may never be a time for that with the Destroyer tangled up with Nick and having to save the Old Kingdom and all the confusions of her world. Everything has been happening too fast and now he has to find Nick with Lirael and be Wallmaker with a new surcoat that doesn’t feel like enough. The Clayrs have their library, the Abhorsens have the House and the Book of the Dead, the royal family has Belisaere, what does he have as the first Wallmaker in who knows how long?
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He doesn't know why his door has decided to lock now as he just wants to get going. Sam is sitting at a table close to the Front Door with his saddlebags nearby and trying to not fidget too much.

It feels like everyone he meets seems to be able to see through him here and he hates it, he needs to get a horse and get on the road to find Nick.

Since sitting without something doesn't work, he has a basket of bread and some cheese and he's slowly taking a bread roll apart.
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His plans of leaving were quickly intercepted by Ellimere who pulled him into Petty Court for the rest of the day. At least that night there weren't any major plans and he was quite nice to the woman Ellimere put beside him, he was going to leave so best to not cause any trouble beforehand.

After dinner, he told Ellimere that he'd be studying for the next three days and taking food and water in his room, her reaction was so nice, he felt bad. Still that moment of guilt wasn't enough to curb his excitement as he was going to be doing something useful. She'd find the note he'd written on his desk after the three days had passed and this was the best way for him to help.

The Sending he constructed would work well enough as it could yell, "Go away!" and "I'm very busy!" in a way that sounded decently like him even though it had no depth.

Once that was set, he went to his workroom to pick up his coins, a few things he'd made, the sahs from Teja and other things he might need.

The closed cabinet felt like an accusation but he went by it. Though in his dreams, he put on the bells and read from the book and was pulled into Death and awoke thrashing in his sleep. It took some time to calm down and realize that it was only a dream and he heard the bell strike four o'clock, he didn't think he'd sleep again, it was time to leave.

He slipped on the glamour and then slipped out of the palace using Charter-spells of quiet and unseeing, his saddlebags felt heavy on his shoulder but he had what he needed.

Next he would go to the market to buy a sword and then the Horse Fair for a mount, as he went he felt lighter as he mixed with the bustle of Belisaere. It felt like when he'd had an unexpected holiday as a child and he laughed, trying to make it deeper than normal and twirling his new mustache.

A Plan

Jul. 1st, 2011 12:37 am
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He ended up oversleeping and missed his father leaving the palace. Even when he ran down Palace Hill with guards beside him, he ended up seeing his father ride through the main gate in his red and gold cloak. He stayed watching until all the crowd had left as he realized that he’d have to do something on his own.

On the walk back, he was barely aware of the guards beside him and how they parted the crowd, it was up to him to save Nicholas. No one else knew him well enough to find him through magic but that meant leaving Belisaere but he’d known he might have to do that. As he walked under the aqueducts, he couldn’t help feeling guilty, he was meant to be a protection against the Dead like they were, but he wasn’t. As he started the long walk up the hill to the palace, he was aware of all the duty that was facing him at the top including Ellimere glaring at him in Petty Court. He said aloud, “No, I’ll go tonight.”

His guards looked at him in confusion and he waved them off and when they reached the castle went to his room where he stared at himself.

It wasn’t possible to go traveling as himself, Prince Sameth so he’d have to be Sam, a Traveler. As he was looking over himself, he was putting together an illusion spell from that Charter Mark and this one, he drew the final Charter Mark and then stepped into the glowing pattern. As the Marks touched his skin, they brightened, sparking against the Charter Mark on his forehead and he shut his eyes and tried not to sneeze. He waited until the tingle had passed and then sneezed explosively and inhaled deeply before looking at himself in the mirror.

In the mirror, there were the same royal clothes, surcoat and fine shirt with boots gilded at the knee and the same build of a man but the face had changed. Sam the Traveler stared back with an older face with a mustache and goatee and longer hair.

He smiled and winked at his reflection, much better and started to undress, pulling on his hunting leathers and simpler underclothes. In the city he could buy a cloak and a horse and a blade since he couldn’t take the Charter-Magicked one his mother had given him and he could even bring some of the things he made along with the knife from Teja. He’d have to go to his workroom for his small stash of coins and other things, but he couldn’t go looking like this and he had to do something to keep Ellimere from getting curious.

With a sigh, he sat down on the bed holding his boots, this would take planning. All he had to do was say he needed three days for something and create a simple sending to distract Ellimere and the servants and it would work, three days would give him enough head start. He’d need a map to find out what was along the way, there were so many things to do and he looked at the glamour and carefully dissolved it. It wouldn’t do to have his guard wondering before he left and he had so much to organize in his workroom.
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Nothing had changed. Sam knew things wouldn’t have, but it was still strange to come back to his workroom with everything the same. Nick’s letter was sitting on his desk where he’d pieced it together and he could feel where The Book of the Dead was hidden in the cabinet.

He had to find a way to get to Nick, he pulled down the almanac to calculate where Nick might be now, biting his lip in concentration. It looked like he was near the Wall and possibly Edge, which was close to Red Lake where all the trouble was happening. Since Nick was clear with all his visas, there wasn't a good way to stop him from going farther into trouble.
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When your family walks in Death, talking to the Dead becomes more fraught. Sameth hasn't forgotten what happened last time around this time of year, but he's tired. The costume pinches and he ends up falling asleep as soon as his head hits the pillow.

This time, there's no friendly field or cricket uniforms. There is just a hooded figure saying, "I might have got the wrong one, but I'll find you, Prince Sameth."

He turns to face the necromancer, who's name he doesn't know, that he just knows as the Enemy and tries to will himself to talk as his hands tremble.

Instead the necromancer turns and disappears.

And he's left all alone and scared.

This is what he's meant to do and he can't.
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West of Belisaere and south of Sindle in a clump of trees, Sameth sprawled on the forest floor, all but dead to the world through blood loss. His horse, Sprout grazed beside him as the morning turned to afternoon and then to early evening when a piece of grass tickled his nose and he sneezed awake. He felt dazed and tried to remember, he must have had too much to drink, the last time he had a hangover this bad was in Milliways with that pirate.

So he sat up and opened his mouth to call for help when it all came back, his plan to help Nicholas, the disguise and everything going wrong. Two men, two of his father's men were dead because of him. Slowly he sat up, trying to brush the leaves off himself as he thought about their wives now widows.

The pain in his leg reminded him that he was alive, but his leg needed a proper caring for and that meant standing up and then getting Sprout. He just had to keep moving, because if the local constables caught up with him than everyone would know the true failure he was. So it was best to just keep going, disappear with a new face and find Nick near Edge.

Standing and getting to Sprout took longer than he expected but he did it and got deeper into the forest as it began to rain, which might kill him just as easily as anything else. His cloak was in his pack and he reached for it but touched the cold of The Book of the Dead, it had followed him like the bells. He would never be free of his duty that he could never live up to.
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After the family meeting, Sameth can't sleep so he goes to his workroom and tries to make the joints on the cricketers and the soldier for Tavi move properly. Nothing seems to be working and he can almost feel the bells and book through the cupboard door.

Some time later in the night, he's not sure of the time there's a loud knocking, he knows he yells something and there's a clatter. When he goes to look there's what's left of a letter from Nick waiting for him. As he pieces the paper together and reads it, suddenly his own worries are a little easier to put aside for the sake of the trouble that Nick's got himself into.

Dear Sam,

Thanks for organizing the Old Kingdom visa for me. I don't know why your Consul at Bain was so reluctant to give me one. Lucky you're a Prince, I guess, and can get things done. I didn't have any trouble at this end. Father called Uncle Edward, who pulled the appropriate strings. Practically no one in Corvere even knew you could get a permit to cross the Perimeter. Anyway, I suppose it shows that Ancelstierre and the Old Kingdom aren't that different. It all comes down to who you know.

In any case, I intend to leave Awengate tomorrow, and if all the main connections go smoothly, I will be in Bain by Saturday and across the Wall by the 15th. I know this is earlier than we agreed, so you won't be able to meet me, but I'm not just rushing in on my own. I've hired a guide -- a former Crossing Point Scout I ran into in Bain. Quite literally, in fact. He was crossing the road to avoid a demonstration by these One Country fellows, stumbled and nearly knocked me over. But it was a fortuitous meeting, as he knows the Old Kingdom quite well. He also confirmed something I've read about a curious phenomenon called the Lightning Trap. He has seen it, and it certainly sounds worth studying.

He's not sure what the Lightning Trap is but it sounds troublesome and of course Nick wouldn't think to ask someone to help him make sure that his guide is uncorrupted.

So I think we will go and take a look at this Lightning Trap en route to your undoubtedly charming capital of Belisaere. My guide didn't seem at all surprised that I knew you, by the way. Perhaps he is as unimpressed by royalty as some of our former schoolfellows!

In any case, the Lightning Trap is apparently near a town called Edge, which I understand is not too far out of the direct route north to you. If only you people believed in normal maps and not quasi-mystical memorization aided by blank pieces of paper!

I look forward to seeing you in your native habitat-- almost as much as I look forward to investigating the curious anomalies of your Old Kingdom. There is surprisingly little written about it. The College library has only a few old and highly superstitious texts and the Radford little more. It never gets mentioned in the papers, either, except obliquely when Corolini is raving on in the Moot about sending "undesirables and Southerlings" to what he calls "the extreme North." I expect that I will be an advance guard of one "undesirable" in his terms!

The news of the date is even worse since he'd have to rush to meet Nick now, but clearly he should or else who knows what's going to happen.

Everything about the Old Kingdom seems to fall under a conspiracy of silence, so I am sure there will be many things for an ambitious young scientist to discover and reveal to the world. Or worlds, as it happens. I've recently had the surprising good fortune of stumbling through what appears to be some sort of break in time and space and into somewhere else entirely. They call the place 'Milliways,' and it's really quite amazing. I've not yet managed to duplicate the phenomenon that allowed me to reach it in the first place, but I'm sure it's just a matter of finding and replicating the proper conditions. I can almost see you rolling your eyes and hear you muttering about your 'Charter,' by the way, but I'll have you know that there are concepts in the physical sciences that refer to the possibility of such errata in space and time, and my experience merely proves that it can happen outside such theoretical realms. Hopefully I'll have it all figured out by the time I reach Belisaere; even aside from my own wanting to get back there, I think you'd quite like it.

I hope you are quite recovered, by the way. I have been ill myself, on and off, with chest pains that seem to be some sort of bronchitis. Strangely enough, they get worse the farther south I go, and were terrible in Corvere, probably because the air is absolutely filthy. I've spent the last month in Bain, and have hardly been troubled. I expect I will be even better in your Old Kingdom, where the air should be positively pristine.

In any case, I look forward to seeing you soon, and remain your loyal friend,

Nicholas Sayre

P.S. I don't believe Ellimere is really six foot six and weighs twenty stone. You would have mentioned it before.

Though Nick's skepticism of the Charter makes Sameth laugh, Nick really never changes. Sam has to read that paragraph twice, Nick found Milliways while Sam wasn't there. At least its a start to getting him to believe in things, maybe he met Kait there or Mogget.

His gaze goes to his door, its too much to hope after these months that if he opens that door Milliways will be there.
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I know you're going to be angry, but I need to do this. No one else can get Nick out of the trouble he's in. I promise that I won't make things worse.

Parts of unfinished letters and speeches that weren't burned.

I can't do what you can. I'm scared.

I'm not brave enough and I can't forget what happened. How do I make the nightmares go away and be as brave as you?

I need to speak to you about something important. I don't think I can be Abhorsen.
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He hasn't seen a door in over a month and its almost Spring. Sameth just wants whatever Mogget said he had to face to happen but he doesn't know what it is so time just needs filling.

He's been trying harder with his duties to do more than just show up and Ellie still glares at him but he's trying.

Every change he can get he ends up in his workshop, the figure for Tavi is coming together well and he keeps making lots of little flowers and things for Kait but if he thinks too much about her than he starts looking for doors.

His parents appear briefly between duties and he considers saying all the things he's written or presenting some of the letters but none of them are good enough.

Gaius said that if he did well with what he made perhaps it would help the Old kingdom.

So he's trying to not fail too much in his duties while also making things, but time moves horribly slow, but at least Nick will come to visit in not too long.
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It had been almost a month since he'd left the Bar. A week after he came home, there was a letter from Nick saying that he was going to come to visit, but that was about the only bright thing. He didn't need to ignore doors since they just didn't show up and every day in his workshop, he'd wind the beetle from Kait and try to think about doing his duty.

Some days were harder than others especially when Petty Court seemed to drag on horribly today and as the man went on and on about his beautiful daughter and her dowry, all Sam could think of was Kait talking about being decorative.

He wasn't even aware of what Ellimere said as he tried to imagine what Kait would think of this and him in his royal surcoat. Finally the session was over and he could leave after Ellimere but still he could leave.

A Birthday

Oct. 16th, 2009 08:48 pm
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He was hoping that doing the Bird of Dawning would have placated Ellimere but she just got more stubborn. The girls she kept sending after him didn't really care and he couldn't escape all that he was supposed to do no matter where he went. The darker ones would hold his gaze for slightly longer but they didn't seem to see him like Kait did and that just made something else hurt.

Even his workshop started to feel close with all the reminders of what he should be doing. As days went by and doors didn't appear but instead bracelets to be fixed and people trying to talk to him. He just gave up on talking.

He knew that they were doing it because of Ellimere not him and he grew to watching the skies for his mother's paperwing when he wasn't in his workshop or at his duties. Maybe if he could just think of something to say to his mother than it would be simpler, but nothing sounded right and in the end it all just meant he was a failure.

His mother had sent him another book and a surcoat with the keys of the Abhorsen on it for his birthday, which just accused him as bad as the other book he couldn't open and all the unfinished letters in the fire.

Ellimere tried, she always tried so hard and he could never try enough so the birthday feast was horrible. At least for once he didn't have to do anything, he didn't have to dance or open things, though their eyes were horrible as he left, but they'd hate him more if they knew the truth.

An Abhorsen in Waiting scared of Death.

He had to try once more, so he opened the cupboard where the The Book of the Dead lay casting its own green light, this time he managed the clasp at least before he started to shake. The fireplace was close but his hand brushed the door and it opened to Milliways. He just looked at it for a long time before walking through pale and shaking.
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He missed Milliways, he missed feeling like he actually fit in somewhere. Today had been the Winter Festival and he was sore everywhere from the performance. At least it gave him an excuse to slip out of the royal dinner which he wasn't sure he could face.

Every time he turned around, it seemed like someone was giving him a look of You're not good enough.. All he wanted to do was yell back that he knew but he couldn't do that. So he just had to keep going through sword practice, Petty Court, Perspective and hope that he wouldn't mess up on this scale again.

The worst was Abhorsen prep with that book just staring back at him, even when he'd seen his mother in Milliways, there was no way to start. Even his workshop didn't feel like a refuge anymore, he missed Teja asking him to explain things better and Val never came to the forge.

Even though he'd made a mess of things with Blodwen, at least he'd been trying to do what he was supposed to do. At least no one followed him up here to his workshop and he pulled on the door with a wince from all his bruises.


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