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The first time Sam was called Wallmaker and it sounded like the person truly meant it was when he was fixing the first of the Charter Stones. Lirael's hand was finished and it felt like he had to take what he'd learned from the Great Stones and start to repair all the harm that had been done. He rode out with one guard instead of two because he wasn't going too far from Belisaere just past Sindle and towards the Ratterlin. On various rides back and forth from helping the Southerlings and to the Clayr's Glacier, he'd noticed it and it felt like the proper place to start. Soon he would go to the Wall and ride its length but that time hadn't come yet.

When they arrived at the Stone in the afternoon, he explained to the guard that he would need to be waiting on the road to make sure Sam wasn't disturbed and to not worry. Once the diamond of protection was up, he could even leave as there would be another layer of protection. The guard, Aldi, someone Sam didn't know too well gave him a look, "Best if I watch what you do, your highness, so I know what it looks like when it works."

Sam bit back a sigh as he knew that made the most sense, he was still getting used to being watched while he worked here. In Milliways, it had felt friendly but then this wasn't just making something in the forge, he missed knowing Kait might find him. He was trying to repair the Charter and he didn't know it would work.

Thinking wouldn't get it done any sooner and he drew his sword and began to create a diamond of protection around the stone, pushing his sword into the ground at the final point. Then he faced the stone, drew a knife from his belt and cut into his palm over a newly healed wound before pressing his hand against the stone. As his blood met the stone, the knife fell to the ground as he reached out to the Charter with Marks in his head that he traced with his non-bloodied hand. Time slipped away and there was only the Charter and him as he tried to reconnect the Stone as it should be.

He had to stop when it was clear he'd done all that he could for today and he gently removed his hand from the stone. The day had progressed to night and there was a small crowd near Aldi, which confused Sam as he didn't think they'd been there before. He quickly wrapped his hand before removing the diamond and walking over, he went slower than he meant to as the work was tiring. Before he could reach the road, Aldi met him and Sam didn't mind too much having to lean against him though it wasn't how he wanted to appear as Wallmaker.

An older woman stepped forward, Sam recognized her as the leader though he couldn't call up her name yet the way she said his title stopped him, "Wallmaker, thank you. Now it's time for us to take care of you for a time."

He'd never heard anyone other than perhaps Yrael in Milliways truly mean his title and he nodded because he couldn't find the words to thank her. Later in the evening he learned her name was Elisa and she remembered when his parents returned to take the throne and she looked at him with hope. He wasn't used to that and tried to answer what questions he could as he ate but Aldi was better at the castle gossip than him. Some time in the evening, he ended up leaning near the main fireplace and healing his hand when she approached him, "You could have had us do that for you, Wallmaker."

"Oh, you don't need to and you're doing more than you had to. I just needed to rest before I could. I'm sorry the Stone isn't fully repaired, it will take a few more visits," He finished the healing spell and tried to sound sure of himself but felt it didn't work.

She tutted at him and he felt rather young though she said his title as if it were true, "It takes time for great wounds to be healed and you've done quite a bit. The Charter already feels stronger around the Stone. Now tell me, who takes care of you in Belisaere? Is there a girl you're quiet about who keeps track of your wounds?"

Sam blushed and hoped the fact they were near the fire covered it as he thought of how far away Kait felt and how painful their last fight had been, "There was but I don't think there is anymore. Anyway I need to be Wallmaker and worry about everything else later."

She sighed and handed him a goblet of spiced wine, "Drink that, rest and take care of yourself, Wallmaker. You will do what is needed and happiness will find you. Your family's earned it."

He started to speak but she had left and he said thank you to the goblet, her confidence warmed him as did the wine and reminded him of other voices in Milliways. This was what he was meant to do and maybe he'd even find a way to share it with Kait someday.
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