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His plans of leaving were quickly intercepted by Ellimere who pulled him into Petty Court for the rest of the day. At least that night there weren't any major plans and he was quite nice to the woman Ellimere put beside him, he was going to leave so best to not cause any trouble beforehand.

After dinner, he told Ellimere that he'd be studying for the next three days and taking food and water in his room, her reaction was so nice, he felt bad. Still that moment of guilt wasn't enough to curb his excitement as he was going to be doing something useful. She'd find the note he'd written on his desk after the three days had passed and this was the best way for him to help.

The Sending he constructed would work well enough as it could yell, "Go away!" and "I'm very busy!" in a way that sounded decently like him even though it had no depth.

Once that was set, he went to his workroom to pick up his coins, a few things he'd made, the sahs from Teja and other things he might need.

The closed cabinet felt like an accusation but he went by it. Though in his dreams, he put on the bells and read from the book and was pulled into Death and awoke thrashing in his sleep. It took some time to calm down and realize that it was only a dream and he heard the bell strike four o'clock, he didn't think he'd sleep again, it was time to leave.

He slipped on the glamour and then slipped out of the palace using Charter-spells of quiet and unseeing, his saddlebags felt heavy on his shoulder but he had what he needed.

Next he would go to the market to buy a sword and then the Horse Fair for a mount, as he went he felt lighter as he mixed with the bustle of Belisaere. It felt like when he'd had an unexpected holiday as a child and he laughed, trying to make it deeper than normal and twirling his new mustache.


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