Jan. 5th, 2011

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It was his birthday again at least here in Milliways. Sam knew it when he woke up and finding a his birthday surcoat in his wardrobe just confirmed it. There was a time when he looked forward to his birthdays, it wasn't that long ago just felt as if it was.

When he turned sixteen and his parents gave him a key and they all walked up the winding stairs to his workshop. He still can't believe they gave him that space when it was so far from being Abhorsen-in-Waiting. That time had been easier, Ellimere was still at Wyverly so they came home together for the Winter holidays and they talked. He can't remember what they talked about, but they'd felt more like a family.

When he went down to the forge, he carried the folded surcoat with him and could almost feel it as he worked. There were no new commissions so he concentrated on folding and pounding metal into useful knives, horseshoes and arrowheads. It seemed as if Teja was in the same mood, there was no comfortable talk just work and fire. He stayed later than Teja and when he couldn't work anymore, wiped his face and hands to try and clean himself up and then put on the surcoat.

The weight was comfortable, he'd grown up wearing surcoats and he smoothed it, his fingers tracing the towers and keys. Then he walked back to the Bar. His birthday should be an occasion.


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