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Sam Stone is the second child of the rangers Sabriel and Touchstone, one of the most successful pairings out of the South Island of New Zealand with their Jaeger-Walking Death. His sister Ellimere is a member of the New Zealand government and constantly rallying for more money for the PPDC with every bit of her determination. Sam is a Jaeger mechanic, one of the best there is for his age of 19 as it seems he can seem to see through the metal to what needs to be adjusted to make any Jaeger its best. His accent is South Island New Zealand which means he sounds Scottish but with an added softness.

He'll be wearing overalls and work boots looking something like this image:

At the moment, he's based out of the Auckland Shatterdome, but might soon be transferred to the Anchorage Shatterdome to help work on the next Marks of Jaegers. Timeline wise, this AU is set about three months or so before Gipsy Danger's defeat.


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